Page Chatter is a website for flash fiction, prose poetry and poetry. Published writers will be interviewed by flash fiction writer and poet Michael Loveday.

The aim of the site is to introduce writers / readers of flash fiction to poets, and writers / readers of poetry to flash fiction etc, and to explore (through discussion of technique, influence and subject matter) the cross-overs and differences between the three forms.

Page Chatter would love you to discuss and debate further through the comments section of each interview – feel free to add comments.


Michael lives in Bath, UK, and works as a tutor of creative writing in Adult and Higher Education. His own website: www.michaelloveday.com

Tongues and Grooves Prose Poem Prize 2018, where you can find out more about prose poetry, and try your hand at the new competition (deadline 1st January 2018): https://tonguesandgrooves.com/2017/03/08/international-prose-poem-2017/

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