Welcome to Page Chatter! This website for flash fiction, prose poetry and poetry was launched in September 2017. Page Chatter will be conducting interviews with published writers of these forms, alongside occasional essays. For April 2018 we are pleased to publish an interview with poet, prose poet and flash fiction writer Carrie Etter.

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Links to some insightful external essays have now been added on the ‘Essays / External Links’ page – linking you to blog posts / articles by Carrie Etter, Robert Scotellaro, and Ron Wallace elsewhere. If you’ve published an essay (or know of a good one by someone else) that explores the differences between poetry, prose poetry, and flash fiction, and would like it to be added to the website, please get in touch with Page Chatter via the ‘Contact’ page.

We’d really love this site to be a forum for discussions about craft, and the relationships and differences between these three forms of writing.

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